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Invest for Free with Robinhood

Stumbled across a great site ( for those that are on the fence about investing in the stock market or just are tired of paying fees on trades.  Better yet, Robinhood brokerage is giving out a free random stock with every new signup.

Robinhood provides for FREE trades.  This brokerage is not for day traders, but so far I am hooked.

Signup with my link and hey, they will also toss me a chance to spin the wheel and get another free stock.

+My Updates since signing up (10/15/2018)
I signed up and recieved one share of Chesapeake Energy (CHK) Value $4.58. :)

Was hoping to get lucky and get a share of Apple or Facebook.  It was fun. Since spreading the word, I have received another free stock Zynga (ZNGA) Value $4.08.

You might have better luck.  Perfect opportunity to start investing today.

Once you sign-up you can get your own link to share.  They allow a max of $500 to be earned in free stocks from referrals.

Click the link and check it…