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Update 8/18/2022: Revisiting this thread is an opportunity to update what I have been using.  Since Microsoft left the media center sphere, I was on a search for something to fill the void.  Several iterations of looking at the early android google TV and Nvidia setups left me still searching.  With Chromecast and updated variants of google TV working great with cloud services and casting, I still needed my local DVR options and playing media library.   WELL, my answer is probably no surprise to many.  PLEX.  I have used plex for probably 4 years and bought the Lifetime Plex pass.   PROBLEM SOLVED!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. With Windows Media Center taking the last death blow from Microsoft, the Roku 4 might make switching less painless.   Roku 4 pre-order.  Expected Ship Date 10/21/2015.